Following a huge gap away from the microphone Steve embraced the brave new world of podcasting in 2009 and has worked on plenty of shows since.

“Each podcast I launched mirrored my passion and interests at the time. For example, I launched the NZ Investor podcast – a weekly wrap of sharemarket news –- as I was editing the NZ Investor magazine.

“Then I had a huge interest in WordPress, and so hosted a weekly podcast covering the basics for newbies to the popular CMS platform. Each podcast ran its course, but by far the most popular was my weekly real estate news podcast which was downloaded 800 times each week. Quite a healthy number for New Zealand.”

Having mastered the art of podcast production and marketing, Steve wrote and published the Podcasting Made Easy self-help paperback.

“It’s not that hard nor expensive to get going with a podcast,” says Steve. “I wanted to tear down the cloak of mystery and encourage people to use the gear they probably already had at home to start their own show.

“So I wrote Podcasting Made Easy, a mass brain dump that was then carefully formulated into chapters covering every aspect of producing, publishing and distributing a podcast for a non-technical audience.

“I say use what you have do it anyway. Don’t allow a lack of top quality gear stop you from starting.”

Example podcasts hosted by Steve

WordPress Tips & Tricks – a weekly look at new WordPress plugins and listener questions answered.

Steve Hart Radio Show, excerpt interview about the Fukushima nuclear meltdown recorded in March 2014.

Previous podcasts

  • NZ Investor – weekly sharemarket wrap
  • CareerCast – employment news
  • The Steve Hart Radio Show – one hour of news and interviews (released as a podcast and syndicated to broadcast radio worldwide)
  • WordPress Tips & Tricks – for new users of WordPress
  • NZ Property Report – news for estate agents, investors, home buyers and renters
  • Podcasting Made Easy – advice for new podcasters