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Prime minister Jacinda Ardern took to Facebook on Sunday (26 Sept) to talk about Pfizer vaccine side-effects to counter ‘vaccine hesitancy’. Within hours, 23,000 FB posters responded with their comments and questions (some have been deleted by Jacinda’s team (hi Ellen)). (deleted comments have been listed here).

Among those commenting shared stories claiming death and disablement following the Pfizer jab…

Catherine: My sister got bullied into it by your hard out contact centre and now has a major heart condition, are you going to pay compensation for the damage caused and to all the others, to the at least two people a day dying from the jab and the countless being harmed, at least you could acknowledge them.

Tracey: So just to clarify- its not compulsory to take it – but if u dont u just cant go work, shops, sports, cafes, school etc or cross an imaginary boundary line without it?..

Jo: If someone dies naturally they can’t wait to blame Covid. But someone does after the jab then it’s a totally different story.

Julie: One of our drivers father had heart attack 2 days ago one week after Jab. Our friend got half paralized one month later he still not feeling right

Lance: Jacinda Arden why are you deleting comments? So many gone in the last hour come on lady very sad indeed…

Kayla: felt like absolute rubbish after mine, more so after the second one. Ended up in resus area after second one due to fog symptoms in my eyes. The exhaustion, headaches and dizzy spells were really unpleasant and lasted for two days

Shae: There’s also a large number of people who don’t take well to being force fed, it’s not about the vaccine..more so the authoritian approach to the administration of it, its a step too far for some.

Michelle: One week after his 2nd jab my father had multiple strokes and died. A month before his doctor assessed him and he was in good health. I hold you responsible because you continually thrash “vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate” on a experimental medication with limited data available for it.

Jodie: Is there a journalist reading this that’s willing to speak up and do some real journalism for a change?!

Cathy: I’m supporting a friend. Two days post 1st vacinne, major heart attack.

Ashley: I am not hesitant because of feeling side effects such as a ‘sore arm’ or ‘feeling weary’ . I am hesitant because no one can tell us if it is truly ‘safe’ and that there will be no long term effects on 5 years, 10 years etc…

Abby: I’d like some answers… I have a list long of family and friends that have died, heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, clotting blood noses the list goes on all within a few days of having the Jab, yet the hospital doesn’t ask if they’ve had the jab and totally dismissive that its had anything to do with the it. It’s sickening, your killing New Zealanders, hiding the truth and lying to us all. It’s not safe! And now you want to go after our children!! I don’t know how you sleep at night.

Bex: Such things should not be simplified. Every single human body is different, and responds differently to whatever it is subjected to. It’s simple science, and for some reason is being completely ignored. Why? I’ll leave the sheep to ponder that.

Molly: Are you reading the replies Jacinda? Story after story… this vaccine is not suitable for all people. Have some respect for individual needs, stop bullying your country. Let us live freely based on whats best for us and our families, not by whats best for your reputation.

Jenny: Let’s talk about Mum’s side effects. Her hair is now falling out. This isn’t a disease you need a vaccine for, the figures in UK were totally cooked, the main deaths were in care homes of people who were overdosed with Midazolam. tons of people are catching Delta in UK now and it’s really incredibly mild. I lived in UK for a year, never knew anyone with covid, noone did, turns out most hospitals were empty.

Nick: The reason for vaccinating is to stop lockdowns etc right? Yet vaccinated people can still receive and transmit the virus? Besides saving yourself from the effects (and possible long term effects) of actual Covid, how does vaccination rates stop covid lockdowns etc? I don’t understand that.

Vax injuries testimonies video here

Sarah: Oh Jacinda I think you may of had the saline shot.

Cecile: The someone I know who had the first vaccine shot didn’t live to get jab 2′ a brain bleed they say = Me wary.

Veronica: Simple answer – you don’t own me! Stop trying to squeeze people till they no longer have freedom of choice where their bodies are concerned.

Gretchen: Let’s talk about the Polynesian Church goers ….the ones that ‘tested positive ‘ in great numbers , the church was then named and shamed by Jacinda & Bloomfield and the congregation bullied , coerced , blackmailed into having the vax , the vax clinics worked over time to vax these reluctant people to ‘save NZ ‘ , to take one for the team of 5million ‘ , ‘to save your families ‘ , to save your children ad nauseum !! So how’s that going ??

What’s happened to all of them that tested positive?? Are they crowding the hospitals , running the nurses off their feet ? Are they taking all the hospital beds from ‘other ‘ patients ?? Are they all dead ?? Because last statistics we got at 1 pm showed , 1200 odd tested positive, 40 WERE in hospital, now 20 & one death , a 90 year old with pre existing diseases ….. absolutely no increase in number during the Polynesian panic but plenty are now vaxxed

So what of all the High school kids & families that tested positive ?? How are they ?Have they clogged the health system ? And there large numbers of teen deaths ?? No but there are large numbers of panicked teens that agreed to have the vax ??Whose next ?? Let’s go for the 5 + old year olds . 

So a warning , there going to be 5+ kids testing positive somewhere near you very soon ….not sure how you wd get a probe up their nose , but that’s irrelevant, we will never get the answer to that …… 

So I’ll tell you why so many of us are vax reluctant ….because you talk so much shyte Jacinda , so many lies , so much propaganda and the media are enabling you , that’s the paid corrupt media .

The Ministry for Families has also commented on Jacinda’s Facebook post here.

It lists the following:

“How do you like the team of 5 million now Cindy?”

“Welcome to Nuremberg 2021”

“Six hangings in Pukekohe and one in Tuakau”

“80% of NZ’ers vaccinated but only 284,000 followers on the Unite against Covid 19 page – yeah right”

“Graphene oxide is in that vaccine and PCR tests (whether nasal or oral) and it will compromise your immune system”

“Her true agenda is no longer hidden it’s mass genocide”

“Where are all the deleted comments from side effect sufferers and their families who have been killed by the shots?? How dare you casually delete their stories. Their blood is on your hands.”

“I am a registered emergency nurse…we are always told to research, analyse and never write any academic paper with only one source, And this is exactly what you are doing.”

“How do you sleep at night? You know people are dying, children are dying? You offered one family $100K to keep their mouths shut.”


Steve Hart is a writer and podcaster.

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