Book layout and design

Print-on-demand publishers allow authors like you to print novels, family histories, and short stories, without the need of a traditional publishing house.

Authors can upload their book as a fully designed PDF to print-on-demand companies and print one or more copies of their book at a time, release as a Kindle or ebook, as well as release it to major book distributors around the world..

There’s no need to place a minimum order with a printer, pay huge amounts of money up-front, nor order hundreds of copies of your book, and then worry about mailing them to customers – one at a time.

Sure, it’s great if a major publishing house gets behind your book. However, traditional publishers are careful about what projects they fund and often work one or two years ahead of publication date. If you have been rejected by a publisher, or don’t want to wait for their ‘sorry’ letter to arrive then self-publishing may be for you.

Your book might be your life’s story, a children’s story, family history, the history of your town, poems, a series of short stories, a novel, fiction or non-fiction, or maybe a book of your photos…There are no limits!

I have written and self-published three books so far, and helped numerous people take their completed manuscript to a finished product that’s being sold by major online and High Street retailers.

Book design and author credits

Once your manuscript is fully checked, proofed, and 100% ready for publication, I can design your book. We can look at the options for the best size of your book, illustrations, fonts, and cover design.

Once it is all laid out I’ll provide a PDF version for you to proof and check.

Following any final corrections and a final proof, I will step you through the easy procedure to upload it to a print-on-demand service for world-wide distribution. Every time someone buys a copy you will have money paid into your account.

No matter how far down the track you are when it comes to publishing your book; give me a call if you have any questions.

Finally, rest assured, the copyright of your book remains 100% yours. I merely offer a book design service and help you navigate the publish-on-demand services. And I securely store the digital files of your book to make updates to it in the future if required.