‘Covid’ deaths overstated by MSM

It’s commonly held in New Zealand that since Covid-19 arrived on our shores 22 people have died of the virus.

The fact is, it wasn’t 22. Wasn’t even 20. No, the official number of people who died while fighting a Covid-19 infection is 17 (seventeen).

Why the media continue to say 22 people died of Covid-19 is beyond me.

“You’re a liar,” I hear you say. Well, read the evidence from New Zealand’s Ministry of Health here.

The PDF document makes it clear that of the 22 people commonly reported to have died while infected with Covid-19, only 17 returned a positive test for the virus.

Four of the 22 tested negative and one person was not tested for the virus at all.

The age groups for the people who succumbed while infected is also interesting…

Age groups of the deceased
individuals who tested positive for COVID-19
Age GroupConfirmed Covid-19 cases
60 to 797
80 to 89 5
Source / Ministry of Health


Steve Hart is a writer and podcaster.