Devonport Victoria Theatre documentary

In 2006 I took an interest in the Victoria Theatre, Devonport, as there was talk of it being pulled down to make way for a multistorey car park and apartments. A robust campaign to save the theatre had started and I wanted to document this slice of the theatre’s history.

I grabbed my camera, a brand new Canon XL2, and started shooting. During the course of a few months I had completed a number of interviews with former staff, trawled through Auckland Library’s archives, picked through the New Zealand Herald’s archives (I worked there so that was easy) and searched out archive footage.

It was a semi-serious hobby project that I really enjoyed working on and it was aired on Sky TV’s Arts Channel as well as by Auckland broadcaster Triangle TV.

I met some great people, recorded hours of footage (most of it unused), and had lots of fun learning Final Cut Pro as I cut the doco on an Apple Mac.

This week I hear that another documentary video about the theatre is in the works and I hope they have as much fun making theirs as I did mine.