Five ideas to boost your podcast

It’s easy to get in a rut when it comes to producing a podcast every week – particularly if you are hosting a podcast on behalf of your company. Where do the story ideas come from?

To help out, here are five ideas to lift your show out of the doldrums… In no particular order:

  1. Ensure your podcast offers real value to your listeners. What practical advice and information can you share that will not only resonate with your listeners, but really help them?
  2. Is your firm involved in community projects, or has it donated to a good cause in the community? If so, tell your listeners those stories by featuring the people your company is helping.
  3. Expand your podcast now and again to include photos and video on the episode’s web page. Add a bit of extra content to generate added interest.
  4. Have you recorded a very long episode? Is it too long? Release two versions. A cut down episode featuring the highlights and key points for distribution, and a full version that only resides on your website. Promote the long version in the short version of your podcast.
  5. Don’t forget the listeners! Invite feedback and questions about your industry. You never know what you’ll be asked and it could make for some fascinating episodes.