Got a long show intro? Yeah, time to give it up

I have a pet hate about the openings of radio shows. The issue seems to relate only to internet DJs, although I have also experienced this with podcasters too.

My friends, it is the issue of overly-long intros to shows. Where listeners can literally wait up to one or two minutes while intro music and jingle after jingle is played telling us the name of the show and its presenter bundled with hackneyed phrases, tired cliches, imaging elements and sound effects we have all heard a million times.

Now I am not going to embarrass anyone by playing these awful intros here; but if your show intro runs for longer than 10 seconds then you are guilty. And it’s time for you to pay penance. You need to put this right today and promise never to repeat this madness ever again.


Because your listeners – the reason you are on this planet – simply do not have the stomach for it, nor the time to listen to your overly embellished self-indulgent intro (there I said it). Your listeners just want the music to start ASAP and to hear what you have to say.

Keep your show intro short, sweet and to the point. Then get stuck in hosting your show.

Oh and one more thing, keep your intro and show jingles in the style of the music you play.

If you host a soul show then don’t have a frantic, breathless VO intro that sounds like it came from a 90s pop station. Keep your intro and show jingles in keeping with the genre of music you are playing.

Listen to your jingles – I am sure they sound great – but do they really fit the show? Are they in keeping with your show and your hosting style (or even the station you are on).