We recommend the following groups…

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition – (NZ) – Campaign to change the government

NZ Health Forum – (NZ) – Facebook group run by Lynda Wharton (also on MeWe)

Voices for Freedom – (NZ) – Campaign group supporting democracy and freedom

Green Planet FM – (NZ) – Podcast with Tim Lynch every Thursday

Counterspin Media – (NZ) – Independent news and information

NZ Doctors SOS – (NZ) – GPs questioning the covid/Vax narrative

Agricultural Action Group – (NZ) – Supporting rural communities

Democracy Action – (NZ) – Promoting equality and democracy

Child Poverty Action Group – (NZ) – Striving to eliminate child poverty

The Real News – (NZ) – Counter narrative on covid-19

Auckland Peace Action – (NZ) – Grassroots peace campaigners opposing war

Positive Money – (NZ) – Discover how money is man-made

Free Speech Union – (NZ) – Raising the understanding of freedom of speech

Michael West – (AU) – Independent news and features

Rich Planet – (UK) – Counter culture video interviews and documentaries

The Light – (UK) – Independent news with a focus on covid

The UK Column – (UK) – TV show every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Check the Evidence – (UK) – Independent research by Andrew Johnson – free PDF books here.

Children’s Health Defense – (US) – Promoting children’s health

The Highwire – (US) – TV show covering Covid with Del Bigtree (every Thursday)

Electronic Frontier Foundation – (US) – Defending digital privacy and free speech

Pro Publica – (US) – Exposes abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust 

Centre for Investigative Journalism – (US) – These  guys released the Panama Papers

OpenDemocracy – (US) – Investigative journalism

Peace in Space – (US) – Campaign to ban weapons in space