KFC – what a disappointment

There’s probably been a 10-year gap between visits to a KFC store. But after a long day my wife and I visited KFC Silverdale, north of Auckland.

It’s a soulless store bereft of any atmosphere. No music. Just the clatter from the kitchen along with random numbers shouted out now and again.

We tried to use the automated ordering system and the first thing it asked for was our beacon number. Haven’t clue what that is and so gave up and waited for 10 minutes next to the single till in the shadows – and waited for some assistance. And waited.

Half the staff looked as though they din’t want to be there, and it felt more like a factory than a place to relax and eat food. It’s how I would expect a 1950s motorway cafe on the M1, in the UK, in winter, to feel like – just prior to it shutting down for good.

Eventually the ‘food’ came. Given we were eating in we expected it to be hot. It was cold to luke warm.

The food was drenched in salt. I don’t mean it was a little salty, I mean there was more salt than food. I bet this store’s use of salt is above average.

The drinks selection was a large coke or a small coke. Cans. No glasses or cups, or straws. In fact, even though the cokes came from a fridge they were warmer than the salty food. No tea, coffee, shakes…

But we were hungry, and like prisoners with no choice after spending $35 and change, we did our best to get it down. Choking on every greasy cold mouthful.

Blimey, this is nothing like I remember the old Kentucky Fried Chicken. Years ago these stores were full of life, hot food freshly cooked, there was a buzz!

There was no Morrow bar in the box as advertised (not that we really wanted one). The cup of gravy came without a spoon. The supplied roll tasted of pure sugar, not bread.

All in all, just absolutely shocking on every level. How KFC has been allowed to go so far down hill I shall never know, nor do I really care. But someone should raise an eyebrow. The colonel would.


Steve Hart is a writer and podcaster.