Looking for a podcast? Keep it Kiwi

While there is a world of news and information podcasts to chose from; there are plenty of excellent shows made in New Zealand by locals keen to share their knowledge and entertain listeners.

A quick scout of what’s available threw up plenty to listen to; but here is my top 10 Kiwi-made podcasts – any of which might just be what you’re looking for.

True crime

For people interested in true crime there’s the aptly names True Crime New Zealand podcast. It’s been running for around two years, currently publishes every two weeks, and is up to episode 16 (the Lundy Murders) at the time of writing.

The show is presented by Jessica Rust and is written by Sirius Rust. While not for the feint hearted; the series is well made and if you are keen to get a snapshot of the country’s major criminal cases then this podcast is well worth a listen.


If you want to drown your sorrows then try the New Zealand Brewer Podcast. Hosted by beer writer (who new?) and homebrewer John Oszajca, the podcast features interviews with professional brewers who share tips, recipes, and industry insights. If you fancy the idea of making your own ale then this might be the place for you. Cheers!


If beer’s not your thing and you long for something white or red then the NZ Wine Podcast is worth pulling the cork on (or unscrewing).

The show is hosted by Boris Lamont and each episode features interviews with one or more wine makers or experts. Some episodes are recorded on location at a New Zealand winery, others are studio based and feature discussions on topics such as off-shore wine regions.

Body and spirit

The Green Planet podcast by Tim Lynch and Lisa Er is ideal if you want to look at current issues through a different lens.

Lynch says the aim of the show is to educate, empower and inspire people – to be a dynamic change agent shaping the leading edge of the new paradigm. Guests on the Green Planet podcast have included people such as investigative journalist Niki Hager and topics covered range from modern day slavery to ecology and countless grass roots issues. A show by the people for the people.


For those interested in the creative side of commercial advertising there is the Truth & Soul Inc podcast hosted by Paul Catmar – a former executive creative director at ad agency DDB NZ.

Aimed at people in the industry, and those considering a career in marketing and advertising, this show features interviews with people working across the business – from deal makers to composers.

The goal of the show, says Catmar, it to educate, inform and entertain. Get it today!


Peter Langlands is a self-described ‘man of the land’. He’s a hunter & gatherer who travels the length of New Zealand in search of seasonal food for some of the country’s top chefs and restaurants.

He shares his passion for hunting in a podcast called The Educated Hunter. Shows feature stories about hunting and include interviews with local and international guests who operate across the hunting, firearms, wildlife, and pest control spectrum.

If you want to find out more about hunting, or just want to understand why people hunt at all, take aim at this podcast.

Iron Man

If being out and about is your thing and you fancy having a crack at taking part in the Iron Man contest then Rob Dallimore’s Taupo Tales podcast might help you work up a sweat.

The show features tips on training and racing as well as interviews with people involved in the annual contest.
There’s no apparent dedicated podcast website; but Rob’s site is at https://foottrafficcoaching.com and you’ll find his podcast whereever you get your podcasts.


Good money management doesn’t come easy to most of us, so if you need some guidance, help and advice to save more and spend less, then The Happy Saver podcast might get you on the right side of the ledger.

Hosted by personal finance blogger Ruth (no second name published), her show delves into personal finance and good money management.

According to her website, Ruth is mortgage-free, has a range of investments, and no car loans (she also doesn’t live in Auckland).

Food science

If working in the sciences is a possible career choice then the Scigest podcast hosted by scientists at Plant & Food Research might whet your appetite.

The organization’s scientists are at the heart of food production, supply and security, contributing to human health and wellbeing as well as social and economic stability.

Hear how its research is making a difference to food production – from the development of new new foods to creating environmentally sustainable production systems for plant and seafood crops.

The next time you go hunting for a podcast check out New Zealand’s wide and varied offerings…

Please let me know of additional podcasts and any broken links. Thanks.