Steve Hart - podcast editor and voice over actor.

My name is Steve Hart and I work across the audio space recording voice overs for big brands, in-house presentations, training videos, and anything that needs a professional and engaging delivery.

In addition, I work on clients’ audio recordings – such as podcasts – to improve the quality, remove unwanted background noises, carefully edit out unwanted sections, add audio elements as required.

I offer a fast turn-around – with most jobs returned in less than 48 hours.

Naturally I use advanced state-of-the-art apps and pro-studio quality equipment to offer clients a best-in-class service.

Audio editing

I use the very latest studio quality audio editing apps along with specialist audio post production tools such as those from Izotope. These offer advanced options to balance audio levels, improve clarity of speech, enhance recordings made with low quality microphones, and greatly reduce room-boom (reverb/echo).

These apps allow me to isolate speech from annoying background noises – both physical and electronic (such as hiss and crackle that can be introduced by low quality microphone pre-amps).

As part of the audio editing process I remove unwanted dialogue, ums, ahs, long pauses, and mouth clicks etc.