Favourite places

Here are a few websites I like to keep an eye on and a few videos that may be of interest. They are presented in no particular order.


  • See Broadcast Blues here.
  • See Corporate FM here.
  • Do a search for OutFoxed, a fascinating doco about Fox ‘News’.
  • The Corporation here.

Cool apps

  • Mixxx.  A free DJ app that will run on any OS.
  • Virtual DJ is another free DJ app with paid-for options.
  • Radiologik. Radio broadcast software.
  • Reason. My favourite music-making app. Play synths to orchestral instruments and everything in-between with your digital keyboard.

Just for fun

  1. When I need a jingle fix I go to Jingle Mad Radio.
  2. This site is also worth a look if you are into old ILR stations in the UK.
  3. Pirate radio. A bit of British nostalgia.
  4. The Free Music Archive features new music you don’t hear on the radio. Orfium is also worth a look for new bands.

Recording video with your smartphone?

Please don’t shoot vertical video with your smartphone (just do not do it). Turn it sideways so it matches your widescreen TV, and then press the record button.