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A podcast is the perfect content marketing platform to promote you and your business and share information. And while I can certainly help you get up and going, more importantly I can work with you to identify interesting stories from within your firm and help you tell them in an informative and engaging way.

You get to tell your story, allow listeners to get to know you and your firm, and share your industry expertise. Featuring in a podcast can help establish you as an expert in your field – all in one of the most natural mediums possible – the spoken word.

So who listens to podcasts anyway?

In New Zealand around 300,000 podcast episodes are downloaded every month. Yesterday, more than 170,000 people listened to a podcast in New Zealand.

People listening to podcasts are – according to ratings agency Nielsen – aged between 20 and 49; they are in full time jobs; mainly city based; have young children; and earn 20% more than the average wage earner.

How podcasts can help you

Podcasts are ideal for telling stories; the story of you, your firm, its products and services, and how your firm has helped its customers by solving their problems. It’s engaging stuff when done well.


The key to producing a podcast is the content. What is it you want to share, and how can we tell that story in a compelling way? It may mean recording an interview with you, a member of staff, or a happy client.

Naturally you’ll want good clean audio – I can assist with the equipment needed.


Ideally you’ll have a logo designed to help brand your podcast. The logo can be embedded into your MP3 podcast file along with meta tag information to help it be found during searches. Podcast discovery services such as Apple and TuneIn require artwork between 2000px and (max) 3000px square and a file size of less than 500k (half of one megabyte).

Show notes

With your podcast recorded you’ll need show notes. These will typically run to a few hundred words and cover off all the key content in your podcast.


I can help you navigate this to ensure your podcast is exploited as much as possible.