Podcast sharing

For listeners and users

  • You are welcome to download and share my Podcasts for personal use as well as rebroadcast them on any website or LPFM / Internet radio station.
  • Podcasts are released under the Creative Commons 3.0 license which means you are free to copy, distribute and transmit them – but you cannot alter, edit, change them or use them for commercial purposes.
  • There is a download link next to each podcast player on this site.
  • If you embed or place my Podcasts on another website please include a link back to www.SteveHart.co.nz by way of attribution (thank you).
  • If you quote me in a story or blog you write or publish, then please credit the source, along the lines of: “According to Steve Hart’s Podcast episode #….”
  • All Podcasts on this site remain the copyright of Steve Hart.

Terms and conditions may be revised without prior notice.