Podcast post production

Using a mixture of audio and visual signals, unwanted sounds can be identified, isolated, and clinically removed – or greatly reduced – to enhance the overall sound of the recording.

It’s a procedure that takes time and skill with various filters tested and applied to strike the right balance. Preserving the best version of the recording while gently removing unwanted noise.

Once this is done, the audio can be balanced – for example when two or more people are featured in a podcast recording – and then mastering can be applied to improve the overall sound.

For full podcast production, the final stages include adding music, exporting the file to MP3, and adding meta data (show title etc) and your podcast artwork.

Whether you require regular post-production help for your weekly podcast, or need a really bad recording saved from the delete bin – to keep your project on track – give me a call for:

  • Great rates
  • Audio repair
  • Podcast editing
  • Professional service
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • Fast turnaround