Podcast Post Production

Post production of your recordings

Send me your original podcast recording and I’ll work on it to remove unwanted noises such as erms, coughs, and long pauses etc so the podcast flows naturally.

I’ll enhance the overall sound of your podcast drawing on a range of professional apps such as Izotope to clean and beef up the overall audio quality, and do my best to reduce room reverb and unwanted background noise etc.

I’ll mix in your supplied intro music as required and add the all-important meta data and logo / artwork to the final MP3 file.

Simply send me the best version of your original recording in any format via a file sharing service such as WeTransfer, provide instructions on what’s needed, and I’ll set to work to make it sound brilliant.

I’ll listen to the entire recording, perform editing as needed, audio sweetening, mix, export to MP3, and send you the enhanced version – often within 48 hours.

Routine treatments of your supplied audio include:

  • Lower volume of breath noises
  • Adjust volume for consistent levels
  • Do my best to reduce background noise
  • Remove mouth clicks and other incidental noises
  • Remove unwanted silent gaps
  • Remove pauses, ums, ers, unwanted sections of dialogue…
  • Carefully edit speech to improve flow and meaning
  • Reduce room reverb / echo
  • Enhance overall audio quality
  • Incidental / ambient music / FX added for dramatic purposes
  • Mix in your supplied intro / outro music / commercials
  • Meta data and supplied logo added to your MP3

My rate is $75 per hour.

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