All you need to know about royalty free music

We’ve all seen the discussions about using music in podcasts…That’s right – you can’t use this week’s number one as the intro to your show – unless you have a licence to cover the royalties, have permission from all owners of the track, or you are reviewing a snippet to critique it.

For your show’s intro you are best off using Royalty Free Music. Which is not always ‘Free Music’. It is ‘Royalty’ free music. Which means that once you have paid to use it; or obtained it legally from a royalty free library, then you are able to use it without having to pay every time you… er, use it.

While to can use your typewriter to Google royalty free music libraries; I have saved you the effort if you want free music. That’s right; royalty free music that you can use for zero payment.

My top three (in no particular order) are:

If you know of any other free (legal) libraries then do let me know.

In addition, most PCs come with music-making apps. Why not create something unique?

All the best,