Test for mystery source of Covid-19 banned

Press release

The serology tests necessary to track the mystery resurgence of Covid-19 have been banned by New Zealand’s Ministry of Health.

Simon Thornley, epidemiologist with the Covid Plan B group, said the group had been calling for serology testing back in April, but the Ministry of Health had specifically banned the importation and sale of the tests.

In a reply to an Official Information Request the Ministry of Health said serology testing would not be conducted because even that test would underestimate the level of virus prevalence. See: https://www.covidplanb.co.nz/epidemiology/nz-govt-confirms-it-wont-test-for-virus-prevalence/

“The one test that would really tell us how the virus is moving through the community has been banned in New Zealand. Companies selling the test were called and told to stop,” said Thornley.

“When we called for the testing, we were criticised by the Government-favoured health commentators. Five months later, these same people are suggesting tests, conveniently forgetting they initially said they weren’t necessary.

“We issued an information backgrounder to media, particularly those attending the Prime Minister’s daily conferences, so they could ask informed questions about serology tests. No one asked anything.”

Thornley said the Government’s own favoured experts are now agreeing with Covid Plan B.

He predicted that based on overseas tests, the number of people who had already contracted Covid-19 would be many times the number of tested cases.


Steve Hart is a writer and podcaster.