There’s something rotten in New Zealand

By Patrick Henningsen in the UK: By now, most sensible and sober people can agree that there is something seriously wrong going on in New Zealand, and that it’s got nothing to do with a coronavirus.

In this latest episode in a series of highly calculated, albeit reactionary moves by the government, New Zealand declared a new “snap lockdown” in the country after public health officials claimed to have discovered a ‘case’ of covid-19. Yes, you heard that right. One single case.

Apparently, it was the first alleged ‘infection’ recorded in six months, said to have emerged in the country’s most populous city, Auckland.

In ordering this shutdown, Ardern has established what can only be described as a post-modern standard for declaring the existence of a ‘pandemic.’

Prior to this week, it seemed like Australia was the world’s undisputed champion for baseless ‘snap’ lockdowns…

In the global Zero covid sweepstakes, New Zealand has suddenly taken the lead in what now looks to be a one horse race.

Because once you lockdown your country for a single case – there isn’t anywhere else to go after that. The bar can’t go any lower, unless Jacinda wakes up one day and decrees a pre-emptive lockdown based on a feeling that Coroni is coming.

I’m sure if you look hard enough, you can find some self-styled epidemiologist affiliated with an institution like Harvard, who will endorse that policy.

Not unlike Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un, PM Ardern has a penchant for grand symbolic gestures and true blue ideological virtue signalling. This week was no exception.

After not recording a locally transmitted ‘case’ of covid-19 in over six months, Ardern seized the opportunity. Her devoted committee of public health apparatchiks claimed to have identified where this mysterious single case originated (although not exactly) in the country’s largest city, Auckland.

According to reports, they claimed there was possibly “a link between the case and the border or managed isolation is yet to be established.” Very scientific…

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Steve Hart is a writer and podcaster.