Viewfinder magazine for moviemakers

I launched the Viewfinder magazine and website in December 2009 after spotting a gap in the market for a local magazine aimed at the growing band of hobby movie-makers.

The 48 Hours movie contest was popular at the time and people I knew were keen to find out more about shooting video, making documentaries and dramas.

I was well-into video production at the time; so everything I learned was shared – one way or another – with my readers.

Drawing on the expertise of some key people in the industry; covering directing, shooting, lighting, location sound, and audio mixing, we put together the glossy magazine.

The hard-copy retail magazine was published every two months, there was a monthly PDF version for subscribers, and the PDF featured video within its pages (video was streamed from a server to keep the PDF file size as small as possible – this was achieved in 2010 and so a bit ahead of its time).

Between the magazine, PDF and website there was product news, local and international contests, how-to videos…you name it. Everything for the hobby movie-maker.

Viewfinder was well supported by the likes of Panasonic (which came in from the first issue – thanks); Sony, Canon, Adobe, and brands linked to cameras, audio, computers, and editing software.

There were regular columns from wonderful contributors such as film director Gary Foster (ex-Hollywood), Auckland sound recordist Ande Schurr, and master audio mixer Dick Reade. We had a great team and a great product.

Within two years I was approached to sell the magazine and so, having got it off the ground, was happy to hand it over.

You can still buy old copies of the magazine from print-on-demand service Magcloud.