Vox pops for your podcast – let the people speak

Get the word on the street

When I was a young news reporter stuck for something to write about my editor would send me out to go speak with people shopping in the High Street.

It would mean approaching complete strangers, introducing myself and asking a question about something topical that I thought they would have an opinion on.

Such as: “Do you think the local MP should resign over his decision to …. fill in the blanks.”

Or: “Do you think the police are doing enough to catch criminals?”

Or: “Would you like to be told if there is a sex offender living next to a school?”

In short, questions that would illicit a strong reaction.

Within half an hour I’d get a range of views, likely pick up some good story tips, and return to the office with a bulging notebook of names, quotes and opinions. Years later I’d do the same thing for radio.

Which brings me neatly to the point of this post. Using a smartphone or a budget recorder (Tascam make a nice range) you can add some real life to your podcasts when attending trade shows and functions etc. Just rock up, enjoy the day and then whip out a recorder to get people’s opinions on the show, new products, trade news – or whatever it is you podcast about.

Other people’s voices and opinions can add colour and variety to your podcast so it is not just you week in week out.

Vox Pops (Vox Populi / the People’s voice) can be a quick and easy way to add people’s opinion to your show. They can be great fun, you never know what people will say, or who you will meet.

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